Mission Assigned:

The mission presented to Finit was to build a robust budgeting and forecasting tool for an Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance company. This mission had to be completed under strict time and budget considerations.

Mission Accomplished (with gusto):

Our client has officially gone live on Hyperion Planning This planning application is used to budget and forecast our client’s indirect expenses. It completely replaces their previous manual processes which were performed in Excel using an endless number of linked files and pivot tables. In addition, this application brought together two separate divisions (“facilities”) and created a singular budgeting and forecasting process for the combined facility.

Other application highlights include:

  • The creation of a standardized Chart of Accounts that will now be utilized by all facilities.
  • Data integration is now being performed in Essbase Administration Services rather than a separate application, resulting in cost savings.
  • Calculations were created leveraging inherent system capabilities, thus increasing system performance and reducing cycle time.
  • Increased accuracy and quicker close process by automating the calculations of:
    • Vacation Pay
    • Fringe Allocations
    • Overhead

Our client’s commitment to the mission, combined with Finit expertise and guidance, pulled this project together both on time and under budget!  Finit’s guiding principle to provide our clients with UNMATCHED EXPERIENCES led to a successfully completed mission!

For more information on Finit’s Planning Implementation Services please contact us at insights@finit.com.

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