Our Financial Services client migrated their Oracle Hyperion Planning (Planning) application to Oracle’s Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service (PBCS) in just under 8 weeks.  Our Client found PBCS to be their best path forward for the following reasons:

  • No infrastructure cost – Cloud-based tool hosted on Oracle environment, eliminating need for internal infrastructure cost and management of application
  • Future product update “push” – Product updates on a recurring schedule are pushed into your application; full product upgrades are not needed to obtain the latest, tested features
  • Cloud platform advantages – Oracle releases its latest updates and features on their Cloud platform first, resulting in bug fixes and enhancements being realized sooner.

Some technical enhancements of our client’s PBCS redesign included:

  • Application Redesign –
    • Removing a dimension that was no longer used from one of three application plan types  
    • Moving from detailed employee level planning to departmental level planning to achieve greater consistency across all groups
  • Data Integration
    • Inbound - All mappings for our client were updated into the new data integration process using PBCS’ Data Management
    • Outbound – Finit’s team created a process to continue existing data exports and integrate these into our clients’ external system
  • Automation & Backups – MaxL scripting was converted into the new EPM Automate for PBCS.
  • Security – All users of PBCS were setup as native users by using OIM (Oracle Identity Management)

Finit’s dedication to providing our client an UNMATCHED EXPERIENCE led to a great success for all involved.  

For more information on Finit’s Cloud Services please contact us at insights@finit.com

Posted By: jbulman