Finit’s latest OneStream success story, an S&P 600 medical technology company, went live in January 2017 with OneStream Software for all financial consolidation reporting activities.  This encompassed the Actual, Budget, and monthly Forecast processes but also included a Weekly Forecast and Long Range Plan!

Replacing a manually-driven Excel spreadsheet process for consolidations and reporting, OneStream also now produces External and Management reporting and houses all necessary data in one place – OneStream!

Project Highlights

  • The ability to analyze sales and margin data quicker by spending more time on analytics and less time manually maintaining large excel workbooks.
  • Pulling data from OneStream into the Tax Department’s One Source System
  • Tracking Capital Project Spending in OneStream.
  • Modifying the processing of USD submissions for intercompany eliminations, GAAP adjustments, and topsides to require these adjustments to come through OneStream in local currency.
  • Empowering Controllers to be responsible for their own data and to provide better analysis for their business responsibilities.
  • Viewing data in many different Constant Currency scenarios, with each containing three methods that translate Cost of Sales, Inventory Profit adjustments, and certain other accounts at different exchange rates.


Finit’s dedication to providing our client an unmatched experience led to a great success for all involved!

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