Hyperion Enterprise was a great finance tool that revolutionized corporate consolidations and reporting.  For some, Enterprise was so great that it's still very hard to let it go!
You may have converted from Enterprise to HFM or OneStream years ago, but you still have 5 or 10 years of historical data in your current system.  A few times a year, your CFO or Tax Department asks a question that you can only answer by jumping back into Hyperion Enterprise.
At the same time, you're getting pressure from IT to shut the Enterprise servers down.  The risks and costs associated with maintaining 6 year-old unsupported software continue to grow, your budget is slim to none and the timeline for the project is week or two.
What's an Admin to do?
Webinar Topics:
  • Archiving Enterprise applications in HFM or OneStream
  • The Flat App Conversion timeline (this can be converted quickly)
  • How an Enterprise-to-HFM or Enterprise-to-OneStream Flat App conversion can be completed without a full-scale implementation at very low cost
  • How an Enterprise Archive brings all the data you need from Enterprise
  • How to replicate the relative simplicity of Enterprise in a 'flat' application
  • How to design an application to replace the different ways you're still using Enterprise today
  • How to avoid recalculating, re-translating and re-consolidating data in HFM or OS to match Enterprise logic
  • How to migrate and reconcile historical data quickly




Posted By: jbulman