Be sure to catch all the FInit sessions being offered.  We’re pleased to be presenting 10 sessions throughout the week. Finit’s 10 presentations are a reflection of our dedication to providing unmatched solutions to our customers.  If you have any questions or cannot make one of our sessions, please stop by our booth.

If you are attending KScope 16 and have not registered by sure to use the code “FINIT” to receive $100 off of your registration.

Check out all 10 of our KScope16 presentations:

Session: HFM Rule Tips for Speed Freaks Presented by Chris Barbieri



Session: Are you getting the most out of Hyperion Shared Service? By Jeff Miller & Erich Ranz



Session: Hyperion Planning Design and Build with Smart Push and Map to Reporting by Cindy Eichner



Session: Leave No Stone Unturned: Secrets to a Successful HFM Application Review by Chris Barbieri



Session: The Ground Floor TOUR of an HFM Upgrade and Redesign Utilizing Exalytics by Sue Lewis



Session: Case Study: Converting a Multi-Cube Solution to a Single Cube Using Hybrid Mode by Dennis Hogan



Session: The Ground Floor TOUR of an HFM Business Unity Profitability Using Allocations in HFM and Essbase by Scott Sawers



Session: Redesigning Multiple HFM Applications for Streamlining Reporting by Mary Chan and Jill Baker of Yum!



Session: Hyperion Planning Interface: Simplified! By Cindy Eichner



Session: Thursday Deep Dive: The Rules of Circus: Experts Parade the HFM Functions by Chris Barbieri


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