We’re excited to announce Motus is now live on OneStream!   Motus is a leading manufacturer of high-performance headliners and sun visors for the global automotive market.  The predecessor of Motus (Prince Corporation) introduced the industry’s first lit vanity mirror in 1973.  Motus used to be owned by Johnson Controls but was divested in mid – 2014.

Project Info:

  • 35 end users
  • Quickest implementation of OneStream ever – Went from design to go-live in a little over 4 months
  • Integration with Plex GL
  • Actual and Budget Reporting
  • Basic Operational and Financial Cash flows
  • Constant Dollar Analysis used to see Actual data @ Budget rates and Actual data @ Prior Year rates
  • Flux analysis (month-over-month Balance Sheet change with explanations entered by the user)
  • Supplemental data gathering (non-financial), financial metrics, and operational KPIs were included.  This was done through a second-step in the close cycle similar to phased submission. So supplemental data is collected in an alternate scenario after the trial balance is certified, but is copied back into the Actual scenario to make reporting seamless.

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Posted By: eranz